Does your world look different today?

How did you get up this morning? What was your mood when you set your foot on the bedroom floor? As you opened your eyes, coming out of slumber, what came first? Jacqueline, my wife, always sets her alarm early; as she is waking up, she allows her surrounding to fill her senses, enjoying the warmth and coziness of her bed, taking pleasure in these few minutes of cuddling before getting out of bed. I do this very differently: I wake up, and in a second, I am up and moving around, going through the motions, putting my glasses on my nose, collecting my slippers, ready to start my day. Not that I necessarily know what the day will look like! It is only after a certain time that my rational brain kicks in and I start wondering what is planned for the day. How about you? How does your world look first thing in the morning? The Process Communication Model® teaches that, depending on our personality structure, there are six ways to perceive the world: Opinions, Thoughts, Emotions, Reflections, Actions, Reactions. Furthermore, each of us naturally and often without awareness FIRST connect with our environment with our favorite perception. And it’s only later – like in my case when my brain kicks in – that we activate the other perceptions as the need requires. The same happens when we connect with people.

Have a good day.

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