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Process Communication Model

The Process Communication Model is an operationally validated and researched tool
that focuses on the causes of miscommunication.


Understand how people communicate

PCM enables people to understand how and why people communicate.

Understand your own behavior

Observe and understand your own behavior, including why your motivation and distress behaviors can change.

Understand the behavior of others

Understand the behavior of others and know how to communicate with them effectively.

Analyze conflict and miscommunication

Analyze conflict and miscommunication and know how to find the most effective resolution that will produce effective communication.

The history of PCM

The Process Communication Model is a scientific model developed by Dr. Taibi Kahler. He gained worldwide acclaim when PCM was exclusively used for NASA’s astronaut selection, placement, and training for the Space Shuttle program.

One of PCM’s greatest strengths is the ability to learn how to accurately predict distress behaviors patterns in communication, and most importantly, how to avoid them to improve the quality of communication in both our personal and professional lives.

The validity of PCM

Over 1.1 million people have taken the Personality Profile Inventory across 46 countries in 22 languages. More than 2500 trainers and coaches have been certified in the Process Communication Model.

The methodology has been rigorously tested for reliability and validity and has been accepted as the leading methodology that is deeply rooted in the observation of human behavior.

It is based on a scientific, award-winning clinical discovery. More than 50 books have been written on, or make reference to the Process Communication Model.

The Personality Profile Inventory

PCM Training

We offer several training seminars which can be given Incompany or via an ‘Open’ training .

PCM Coaching

Discover the depth of the PCM model with personal or teamcoaching.

Discover more insights about PCM.

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