Writing a blog is a novel exercise for me. Yet I am jumping straight in with delectation and some apprehension. As I start, I wonder if anyone is ever going to read this! I recently tried my hand at daily updating my relatives for a two months period while touring “down under” with Jacqueline, my lovely spouse. To be honest, I enjoyed the exercise, the discipline required to keep at it throughout the day, every chance I got. It came quite easily but as I reflect on it, I had purpose (connecting to my loved ones), I had news to write about every day while discovering new places and I had time. This is where the challenge will be for me in this exercise. To succeed, I want to:

  1. Have a clear purpose
  2. Set aside enough time
  3. Pick something newsworthy in my every day life.

Time … and, hopefully, the string of blogs will tell if I have succeeded