Psychological Need

Can I nourish my person?

15 years ago, I became acquainted with an incredibly powerful tool. This tool called the Process Communication Model® (PCM) opened my eyes to many truths about myself, my behavior, and especially how, practically, I could feed my psychological battery with common everyday activities. I learned that not everyone gets energized by the same type of activities. Some get a positive rush from sitting on a parc bench, alone, watching passers-by, and letting their imagination gallop away. Some get this same rush from hearing the sound of the pen scratch an item on their to-do list to mark it completed. Yet others get it from sitting in their favorite cozy seat, curled up with their treasured soft blanket, a hot cup of tea, and sharing some deep intimate conversation on Facetime with their best friend.

What is amazing is that once I gained awareness of this truth, it really revolutionized my life.

I have now incorporated activities in my routines that boost my battery. I find myself better equipped to handle life stressors, difficult circumstances, and conflicts. When I take the time to draw myself a warm bath with nice smelling bubbles and savor the feel of the warm water on my skin before getting under the soft covers of my cozy bed, I sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed the next day. When I congratulate myself for my contribution to my business and receive feedback on the positive impact my coaching sessions have had, I experience a real energy boost. I now take time to allow myself to savor these activities by being present in the moment.

What activities do you find really nourish your person? Do you give yourself permission to do them? And if you do, how much do you savor doing them?

PCM defines 8 different psychological needs. The model teaches that every individual has all 8 needs within them and that satisfying these needs positively brings balance to one’s psyche. Learning about this aspect of the model was a key moment for me and implementing its suggestions made a difference both in my personal and professional life.

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