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At BBCO, we enjoy team work and we do so whenever a project allows.

Along the same line, we work through several networks to answer demands with the best suited professionals.

Nathalie Graham

Corporate Coach & Certified PCM Trainer

Life is a blast and an adventure. Married to a Broadway artist, mother of three adult children, I have already lived a number of “careers” whether in Germany, UK, US or Belgium.  Filled with “joie de vivre”, I have built strong personal & professional experiences in a variety of domains such as Musical Theater, Retail, Commercial Aviation and International Law firms. I am today a  certified Coach from the Académie Européenne de coaching and a certified Trainer in the Process Communication Model®. All this adds up to a broad grasp of issues faced in companies and provides me with active listening skills well suited as a Corporate Coach. I love to walk alongside my clients as they make key decisions towards their professional goals and I enjoy celebrating their successes with them. Life is good!

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Jacques Leloup – manager

PCM Master Trainer, Coach & Consultant
Formally a Technical Manager in the Petrochemical Industry, I started Best Business Consulting in 2003 to offer coaching, training and consulting services. My passion is to work with people to help them achieve their full potential.

As Master Trainer in the Process Communication model®, I train coaches, recruiters and trainers to use the model. 

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Jacqueline Leloup

Psychotherapist, author & Certified PCM Trainer
I love life, people and fun!! My friends tell me they could recognize my laugh anywhere! I value authentic people who do not pretend and who do not take themselves seriously.

I have five children, three children in law and eight grandchildren, I have been privileged to see Taibi Kahler’s vision of “Touching lives for generation” come to pass before my own eyes. Although a Counselor, a TA Psychotherapist, an EFT practitioner, I focus today more on writing. My latest book (in French:  « Fastoche l’éducation » ) is based on my experience in the use of the PCM model as a spouse and a mother: it is full of personal and often off-the-wall examples – truth is truly often stranger than fiction – as it proposes a positive approach of parents-children relationship.

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Sonja Stark

Psychotherapist, Certified PCM Trainer

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Andrea Ettl

Certified PCM Trainer

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Rebecca Kalf

HR Consultant, Certified PCM Trainer

After my bachelor’s in Business Administration I further specialized in the area that still fascinates me: organizational psychology, which is all about human behavior in the workplace. In the coffee industry I have developed into an allround HR-Professional. I have passion for the development of individuals and teams, and am thankful when I get to support them in their growth.

A few years ago, process communication caught me. What a powerful tool! I always describe process communication as a journey, bringing us ever closer to ourselves and others. As Process Communication Trainer I am looking forward to get to know your challenges, and start your journey together!

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Han ter Keurs

Communication Consultant, Certified PCM Trainer, Professional Coach
I have a passion for people, communication and growth. Being a Communication Coach I inspire leaders to pursue connection by investing in relationships at home, at work and in community.

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Telephone: +32 (0) 489 37 57 51
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Our unique approach:


We listen to your story: Where are you now and where do you want to go?


We put an intensive focus on your situation and the process of your growth.


Because of the diverse background of our specialists, we share with you fresh & out-of-the-box perspectives from multiple angles.

Clear Communication

We put a high value on clear and timely communication. You can expect interactive dialogues with each member of our team.

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