We coach.

We are specialized in coaching for individuals and teams.

Why coaching?

A coach is a trained professional, specialized in the change process.

Being essentially result oriented, coaching produces long lasting improvements in individual and team performance. It is a HERE and NOW process built upon active listening skills and tested tools and techniques.

More than a job, coaching is a mind set. Our coaching intervention is always based on a clear contract so as to focus the implementation of solutions to improve individual and team performance.

Our coaches are certified PCM Professionals who can help you in your process of growth and development.


Executive Coaching

Designed for Top Executives & Key Leaders, this coaching is focused to match their specific expectations.

The coach will assist the executive to reach his objectives through Active Listening, Challenging, Mirroring, while creating a safe environment that allows deep questioning and self-examination.

His interventions combine:

  • Efficiency
  • Confidentiality
  • Active Listening
  • Discipline

The coach brings new light to situations and decisions that the organization faces. Whether you are the owner of a small to medium size company, or the CEO of a large multinational, you will discover new ways of ‘reinventing’ your business.

Depending on the contract, the Executing Coach will work with scheduled sessions or on a retainer basis.

Corporate budget: To be defined.

Life Coaching
Team Coaching
Expat Coaching

Moving to a new country is both exciting and scary. The experience can be great but it can sometimes turn sour.

We propose a specific service of coaching for expatriates aimed at easing the transition, turning the move into an opportunity and a great experience of life

We will work with either the one whose job caused the move, the one whose job was left behind, or both.

Our consultants, many of them lived this experience themselves, work in English, Dutch, German or French.

Corporate budget: To be defined.

Couple Coaching

Get coached as a couple by two of our coaches.

This two by two approach to coaching is available for any couple who wishes to positively live or renew life in their couple.

We’ll work to prepare couples for their life together, to renew the flame, to overcome the empty nest syndrome or to learn to live together again after retirement.

Detail of our approach:

Our approach is taylor made for every couple. We use a sociometric test that tests each partner in 11 key areas. Based on a Canadian Sociological study, these are the areas that are systematically found to work well in succesful couples. The test report is used throughout the coaching sessions as a guide since its outcome is to highlight the strength areas, potential strength areas, potential growth areas and growth areas.

We always work couple to couple and we bring to our coaching our own expertise and trainings.

We work with couples in a variety of situations and we will coach:

  1. Those who are getting ready to live together
  2. Those who after a few years want to renew the flame
  3. Those who are facing the departure of their children
  4. Those who wish to learn to live together again (after retirement)

We also coach recomposed families. 

Budget: To be defined. (the first meeting/intake is free)

SMART Coaching

SMART Coaching is a solution focused formula that focuses all of the power of coaching to rapidly reach a desired result.

We propose a fixed formula of coaching:

  • A specific single issue
  • A clear objective
  • A rapid implementation

The Process Communication psychometric is used to structure the process. The professional coach is focused on implementing rapidly a solution to solve a specific issue.

This package includes:

  • The PCM Profile
  • The validation interview (90 minutes)
  • 3 hours and 30 minutes of exclusive coaching

Corporate budget: To be defined.

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