CONSULTING - Risk Based Inspection

Generalities - IPC - RBI

Consulting and Analysis of the risk of failure of pipelines and equipments in the Petro Chemical Industries, based on API 581 is better known as Risk Based Inspection studies or RBI:

The methodology proposed by Best Business Consulting is a semi-quantitative method developed by the Thyria Group and implemented in a number of PetroChemical factories in the Benelux, France and North Africa.

Our specialists are Jacques Leloup, Ing  for Northern Europe and André Ghislain, Ing. for Southern Europe and North Africa.

In addition to the general RBI study of Process areas, Specific Applications have been developed to cover the following domains:

  1. RBI Analysis of pipelines

  2. RBI Analysis of Tank Farms

  3. Follow-up Inspection of Safety Valves, Ruptures Disks and other Static Safety Elements linked to RBI Criticities.